ibericode is the umbrella company for projects undertaken by Danny van Kooten and friends.

We started in 2010 and have been working on WordPress plugins and other open-source projects ever since.

Our WordPress plugins have been downloaded well over 20 million times and are in active use on more than 2 million websites.

Most likely, you have come across some of our software already while browsing the web.

MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

A plugin that allows you to add various sign-up methods for Mailchimp to your WordPress site.

Koko Analytics

A privacy-friendly analytics plugin for WordPress that does not use any external services.


A WordPress plugin to show pop-up or slide-in boxes.

HTML Forms

A WordPress plugin to build multi-purpose forms.

Fathom Analytics (discontinued)

An open-source alternative to Google Analytics. We left this project in early 2019.

Who we are

We are a small, international and distributed team that has been working together for years, each day striving to make the web a better and happier place.

Danny van Kooten

Founder & Developer
Danny wandered warmer parths the earth for a few years, but is now living in his place of birth in The Netherlands again. He spends his days improving our various plugins.
Danny  van Kooten

Harish Chouhan

Support Engineer
Harish is from India but living in Vietnam. He joined the team in 2014 and has been delivering quick answers to questions from our users ever since.
Harish Chouhan

Arne Lap

Support Engineer
Arne is from The Netherlands, but living in Thailand. As of 2017 he has been working alongside Harish and is responsible for our users' happiness.
Arne Lap

Luuk van Kooten

At just 20 years of age, Luuk is already a skilled developer and improving his skills at an astonishing rate. He joined us in early 2020 to supply us with more programming power.
Luuk van Kooten

Contact information

Our contact information or physical address is as follows.

ibericode BV
Louis Armstrongstraat 44
4337XA Middelburg
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce: 65413741
VAT Number: NL856102337B01

Follow us

We're not on social media (anymore), but you can follow our work on GitHub.